Ultramarine Blue Coat.

Buongiorno a tutti!

Inizio questo post ringraziandovi per tutte le visualizzazioni che il mio blog sta avendo: quasi 100k !!! Cose da pazzi, non me lo sarei mai aspettato un risultato così lol

Apro una parentesi dicendo che in questo periodo della mia vita sono felicissimo dato che:
-Sono tornato a vivere a Sydney
-E' appena iniziata la primavera, quindi tra qualche settimana potrò andare al mare e potrò smettere di essere invidioso delle foto dei miei amici in Italia
-La scorsa settimana ho visto Lady Gaga
-Ho partecipato alla VFNO qui a Sydney

Ok, questo dovrebbe essere tutto. Sono sicuro non vi interessi molto se sono felice, triste, depresso, eccitato ecc...ma semplicemente mi andava di scriverlo :)

Ora passiamo alle cose serie! 
Oggi vi voglio mostrare l'outfit che ho scelto per il pomeriggio della VFNO. 
Pensavo di partecipare all'evento con uno smoking, ma poi ho pensato di essere troppo giovane per tale eleganza, quindi per il pomeriggio ho scelto questo look smart-casual firmato Ben Sherman, mentre per l'evento vero e proprio ho indossato un paio di Diesel super cool, una felpa di Kenzo e una camicia..pensavo di aver osato un po' troppo quando mi sono trovato al vip party vestito così casual, ma i direttori di Vogue e GQ Australia hanno entrambi apprezzato il mio outif complimentandosi per gli abbinamenti, quindi alla fine mi sono tranquillizzato.


Sydney Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2014

The VFNO is for me one of the most anticipated nights of the year.

Here in Australia the VFNO is considered the most exclusive event dedicated to fashion, shopping, luxury and beauty.
Glitter, champagne, parties, fashion shows and photo shoots; this year has been a unique experience.
In the afternoon I had a photoshoot (I will post the photos really soon) and when I finished with the photos I had just time for a change of clothes and my VFNO has officially begun in Hyde Park, with the opening of the evening and the red carpet.
I liked the space dedicated to Toni & Guy: a typical English bus in which the hairdressers worked on the first floor and on the second one people could sit for drinks. The best place to be during the night was undoubtedly the H & M shop in Pitt Street; here in Australia only in Melbourne there is a H & M shop and the store opened a few months ago, so here it is a big news.
From David Jones, like every year, I could see the exhibition dedicated to flowers: a feast for the eyes with dresses made of flowers and millions of roses in all the windows.
On the 7th floor of David Jones, I attended the VIP party of Vogue, drinking G.H. Mumm and I ended my evening at the Eden Bar in Martin Place where the after party was held with all members of Vogue and GQ Australia.


Sydney's artRAVE

My weekend was marked by LADY GAGA!
After I've been to the 'Born This Way Ball Tour' in Milan in 2012 I could not miss the 'artPop ball tour', which arrived in Sydney on the 30th and th 31st of August.
Despite Mother Monster had a throat infection, she took the stage and gave her best, singing old hits like Bad Romance, Telephone, Paparazzi, Born This Way, Just Dance and the new songs from her latest album: Artpop.
As always, his concerts were unique, dramatic and full of surprises: the change of clothes on stage, she read letters from her fans and she had a speech about bullying and self-confidence; oh yes, dear Gaga, also this time you conquered me!
It was great waiting with all the Australian Little Monsters for hours outside her hotel hoping that she came out to greet us or to take some photos. The wait is always worthwhile, and when the last day, just before her flight to NY, she finally came out I saw her and I was going to faint ahaha it was the first time I saw her in her everyday life, outside of a large stadium or arena.
Black fur, sunglasses, obviously a wig and with her butt out, as soon she saw us, shedecided to come to us to take photos and autographs; then with a diva walk she stepped into a Mercedes and she put her head out greeting all of us.
I think to some Italian artists who have said: "My work begins with the first song during a concert and ends with the last one, is not part of my job to sign autographs and take pictures." FLY DOWN and take example !!
I posted for you, readers, some of the photos I took during the two concerts and outside the hotel, even if they do not give the idea of how amazing these days have been for me.


Denis goes to Malaysia.

The alarm woke me up at 6 am: my flight Sydney-Kuala Lumpur was waiting for me. After 8 hours I arrived in Malaysia, ready to see the famous tigers of Malaysia.