Denis goes to Bali #2

During my 5th day in Bali I didn't do too much.

In the morning I had a boat ride hoping to see dolphins; usually people see 300 dolphins..I saw only 10.
In the afternoon I moved from the Mulia Resort to a private villa in Seminyak.
After I swam in my pool I thought that my experience with dolphins couldn't finish in that way, so I decided to do another thing: swim with the dolphins. :)

Yesterday morning I went in the middle of the Ocean, where there were a lot of pools with dolphins. My dolphin's name is Ricky, AMAZING! I have never had suh an incredible experience.
Ricky continued to kiss me, to swim around me and to jump outside the water. <3
During the afternoon I went surfing in Kuta Beach and the evening I came back home for a swim in my pool with a beer until 1 am.
Yesterday I slept until 2 pm and after I went to Potato Head, a wonderful restourant with a big swimming pool in front of the beach.

Today I forgot that I had a massage at 10 am so my masseut woke me up -.-
For luch I had calamari in Seminyak Square and after other surf I went to Kudeta for dinner and to see the amazing sunset.


Bali days 4-5

En:Hi readers,
As you may have understand from my last 2 posts ( Denis Goes To Bali and Bali Day 3) I'm having an amazing holiday in Indonesia.
Yesterday I had such an incrediblo tour with my guide who showed me the rise, cofe and cacao fields, the Mengwi's temple, the monkey forest (where I met a snake and a huge bat) and to finish the famous sunset of Tanah Lot.
After the sunset I came back in my resort where I ate crisp prawns noodles and a veggie sandwich.

Today I spent my day relaxing in the pool and after I had 3 hours of surf just to despose of all the food I eat in these days :)

I'm increasingly loving Indonesia and the culture!


Bali Day 3

Today I had an amazing day!
I woke up at 6 am for breakfast and later I went to the biggest elephant park in Indonesia to ride an Elephant (It was a dream for me) ahah
Later I went rafting on the Ayung River in the middle of the forest and during the night I had dinner in a typical Indonesian restourant in front of the beach.
Here there are some photos :)


Denis goes to Bali

ENG:Finally after 6 months of hard work the time for relaxing came.
This year I decided to go to Bali in Indonesia and guys you can't imagine how beautiful the place is.
I'll keep you informed .about all my activities uploading photos, videos etc. I'm sad that I'm going to stay here only 10 days :(
Btw I can't complain.
All the Indonesian people are really kind; the major of them don't know how to use an iPhone and they call me "My owner2.
I kindly told the that they can call me Denis, I'm not the owner of anyone!
I anticipate you that in the next days you'l see in the blog dolphins, monkeys and also elephants ahah I'm so happy about it. :):)
I spent my first 2 Indonesian days at the "Mulia Resort Hotel" and I'm going to stay here until monday.
I always eat a lot and everything is extremely cheap. I gave 20 Australian Dollars as tips to my waiter and he told me tht he couldn't accept them because they were too many.
Despite the population is really poor and they haven't got anything of the things that we've got, I'm sure that they live better than us...they're more happy and serene.
Here you are the photos of my first 2 days.


Few minutes with Franca Sozzani

Sinceramente non ci posso ancora credere.
Era molto che aspettavo di incontrarla, e finalmente oggi il momento è arrivato.
Alle 5.30 pm ero sdraiato sul mio letto quando ho deciso di andare a curiosare il sito i Vogue Australia e, incredibilmente, ho scoperto che Franca Sozzani, la direttrice in carica di Vogue Italia era proprio a Sydney.
Con un salto mi sono lanciato giù dal letto, ho indossato le prime cose ho trovato in camera, ho chiamato un mio caro amico che lavora in Vogue e GQ (ero sicuro sapesse dove la Sozzani si trovasse) ed ho iniziato a correre verso David Jones.
Era davanti a me, un'eleganza unica, sembrava una visione.
Come un cretino ho iniziato a seguirla assieme ai fotografi e a scattarle foto; poi mi sono deciso e sono andato da lei.
Impacciato come poche volte nella vita le ho detto: "Salve, io volevo farle i miei complimenti, Vogue è di grande ispirazione per me, lei sta facendo un grande lavoro".
Con molta semplicità mi ha risposto: "Che piacere sentirmi dire queste parole da un ragazzo giovane come te".
Io: "Sa, ora in Italia per via della crisi economica non è facile avere delle prospettive future; ammiro molto le parole e gli incoraggiamenti che spende a favore dei giovani e dei nuovi talenti"
Lei, con fare amareggiato:" Ragazzi non è per niente facile, dovete tenere veramente duro! Voi siete il futuro dell'Italia e se tu sei qui ad aspettare per conoscermi devo dedurre che la moda è importante nella tua vita. Rincorri i tuoi obbiettivi, non arrenderti e verrai premiato".

Sono felicissimo di aver avuto la possibilità di conoscere questa grande Donna ed icona e spero di rivederla molto presto.